About PMK

Beyond the tradition: MIDI (or/and USB...) organ pedalboard mounted (assembled) vs unmounted (unassembled)

The pedalboards and the parts have all the elements to play music (such chassis, pedals, electronics, MIDI encoder, etc.). They are simply unmounted

I use reed contacts or Hall sensors and/or velocity system upon request

PedaMidiKit® is an opportunity

It is a MIDI organ pedalboard produced in DIY mounting form. Rational, solid, cheap. For students, amateurs and professionals

Easy to assemble. No special expertise is needed to assemble PMK: you only need some screwdrivers

Simple and affordable Midi design. Firmware and hardware customizable upon request

If you need a different pedalboard type, we can build it for you. Just write to ask

Here some videos: BDO, swells, benches, BDO naked, AGO naked