Shipping & warranty

Shipping costs will depend to: 1) your address, 2) delivery service available, 3) package size

I use the most common couriers (TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.) with on-line tracking service

The package size is very different for each customer. For this reason, the final price of the shipment will be known when the boxes will be ready for the journey and the final dimensions of the box/boxes are known. I can make a rough estimate to know, for every customer, the approximate amount. In some cases, the shipping service for far destinations will changes, depending to the availability at the shipping time, especially in this Covid 19 time

For the far destinations and heavy loads, it's suitable for the customer to pay directly the courier/dealer after the order, with the net price of the shipment. In this way the customer can save some money, avoiding reloading tax and choosing the best price offered by the web shipping dealers. The same way for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for warranty repair: you will pay the return of all the parts. There is the two years’ warranty on the construction defects. I’m not responsible of damages due to the wrong mounting process or due to the modifications of the original parts

In every cases I provide instructions about the shipment process, if you will choose the courier/dealer I suggest

You must pay the customs fees as per your local laws. You must talk with your customs to help the import process and customs clearance. I will help the process by providing all the documents required from me but I'm not responsible about customs rejection, especially due to your inactivity or unpaid fees. In case of rejection, to have the goods, you will pay all the return/reshipping costs to the courier/courier dealer